Final day of Tunes and Tacos festival looking to hit the spot for residents with an appetite

YUMA, Ariz. – Thousands filled the Ray Croc Baseball Complex where they had the chance to enjoy live music and rides but more importantly a variety of tacos from up to 50 food vendors.

The event was put on by the city of Yuma and had something for everyone. 

Cutter Chamberlain, Marketing Specialist for the city of Yuma said, “We’ve got ice cream vendors. Shaved ice. We’ve got Indian fry bread. I mean it’s endless. Like I said come hungry. Everything’s fairly priced. It’s a dollar admission at the gate once you get in. Pay for your drinks and food. Rides are $5 a ticket and that’s it.”

Eddie Guzman, owner of Takos and Beer said the festival is an opportunity to showcase the many different cultures of Yuma. 

“As united as we are. Different restaurants. Different tacos, taco vendors. And you get to meet a lot of great people.”

For Guzman, the biggest reward is knowing that his food is leaving customers satisfied and with a full stomach. 

“When somebody takes a bit of a taco, and gives a big smile and looks at the other person like ‘yeah that’s a great taco’. And that’s what we try to experience in every single bite.”


Yuma Resident Erin Pierce is attending the festival for her third year in a row. For her, it’s about the food and spending the day with loved ones. 

Pierce said, ” So food is a big part of the Portland, Oregon culture. So we come back cause this reminds us of home a little bit.”