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Portland’s Bletchley Park  Oregon Business

A specialist arts school is the venue of an ambitious project to stop the spread of disinformation over social media. As a university math instructor,…

As a university math instructor, Nandini Ranganathan felt the method of teaching in higher education was often siloed and lacking in diversity. She resolved to come up with a solution. Three years ago, she launched a lab at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she teaches, to increase people’s access to technology and research.

The lab, called Make+Think+Code, is a place where people in the creative design, technology, civic and educational fields can come together to work on solutions to complex problems. It aims to foster a culture of inclusion and equity, focusing on convening people across industry, government and academia.

The research studio is now a venue for an ambitious new project to find a solution to one of the most pressing problems of our time: the dissemination of misinformation over social media, which has become an increasingly pervasive problem over the past few years.

On August 6 the lab will host the first meeting of the “Disinformation Project.” Open to the community, the initiative is a gathering of a diverse group of mathematicians, technologists, designers, lawyers, gamers, epidemiologists, artists and more, who will collaborate on ideas for solving the conundrum.